[8.15.09] Artificial Intelligence 3: Pirate Party

Avast, pirates! Bring a CD/ DVD of your art, music, videos, photos or anything cool you have the right to distribute. It will be uploaded to subVariant.com where anyone can download it. Talking like a pirate not required. Arrr.

The first 30 people will get a gift at the door!

These here DJs will be spinnin’ some house & techno fer ye landlubbers.

Johnny Armstrong (In Your System)
CJ Clark
R-KATYP3 (Peoplemuver)
Antiphase (NBFC)

HOST: Liz Revision

  • When:Sat 8/15 (9PM)
  • Where: AI Lounge
  • Address: 358 W. Ontario chicago, IL   Map