Miles Tilmann, Mystery Palace


Many Boards of Canada fanboys and fangirls were disappointed with the Scottish band’s latest albums, finding them insubstantial frottages of their profound, emotionally resonant, layered-synth-heavy earlier work. Tycho’s stellar show at Sonotheque in March proved that the legacy of early Boards can live on in the hands of contemporary artists without being flatly derivative, and this September 11th our guest of honor, Miles Tilmann, will take the reins and lead us all on a consummate sonic journey of his own design.

“Miles’ music is powered by a blend of deep atmospherics and heavy sequencing, balanced with live keyboards, field recordings and a broad assortment of rhythm,” the Consumer’s Label tells us. So while he’s got a solid grasp on powerfully emotional ambient soundscapes, the kid has beat skills and is not afraid to use them. But rave-kick-tendencies aside, he’s not an easy one to figure out. Much in the same way as Boards of Canada encodes symbolism and esoteric references into their music, Miles often encodes a loftier goal beneath the surface of what you hear. In an interview with, Miles spoke of his album Over and Through as a sonic metaphor of the fetus’ experience during the late stages of pregnancy and subsequent birth. Wow. Be prepared to be completely overwhelmed by Miles’ latest compositions—in a good way.

And talk about impressive–Ryan Olcott of supporting band Mystery Palace earned a prestigious rank of 10.0 from the impenetrable tastemaker’s music review site for his 12 Rod project’s album, Gay? As if that wasn’t enough trainspotter cred to throw around, the Minnesota-based Mystery Palace has achieved the lofty-yet-often-unsuccessful goal of merging an indie-rock live band with experimental, circuit-bent electronics, fusing quixotic sequences and textures with a very human rhythm section. Seriously, how could you pass this up?

  • Tuesday, September 11th at Sonotheque
  • 1444 W. Chicago Ave.
  • $5
  • 21+
  • 9pm to 2am

Miles Tilmann combines powerfully emotional ambient soundscapes with his inimitable rhythmic sense while supporting act Mystery Palace proves that circuit-bending and rocking out are just as compatible at Ramp Chicago’s 2nd Tuesdays at Sonotheque. Residents Emulsion and Liz Revision spin throughout the night. Also check out video resident Spiderback, and local guests Dreamdaze and Amputeenie throwing down live visuals all night.