Near the Parenthesis

XLR8R remarks that Near the Parenthesis’ music consists of “soundscapes that drift between ethereal and melancholy so skillfully it’s impossible to track how this artist moves from one musical point to the next,” and we think it’s a fitting description for music as complex as that of Tim Arndt. You would think that headphones provide the right ambiance to experience his music, but Sonotheque on Tuesday December 11 with the help of DJ Chris Widman’s eclectic music library and support from Ramp Chicago residents Emulsion and Liz Revision will provide the ideal environment to take in NTP’s futuristic-yet-emotional auditory productions.

Near the Parenthesis’ label N5md aptly describes his work as “spiraling piano sonnets…juxtaposed against sweeping cascades of grainy synth washes and agile, yet carefully executed, beat work,” and his history sheds some light on the origins of his style. Currently based in San Francisco, Tim started his musical career in experimental bands like Urban Needle playing conventional instruments—piano and guitar—which explains his acute sense of melody as well as his penchant for taking chances with music. With his early projects serving as a foundation for his solo work, Tim has managed to carve out a distinct niche that pairs experimental sound design with emotional resonance in a mind-blowing manner.

DJ Chris Widman similarly wades out across diverse stylistic influences while at the same time stands bravely in the stream of quality contemporary electronic music. Opening for such heterogeneous acts such as Ulrich Schnauss, The Orb, Monolake, Unkle, John Tejada, M83, Matthew Dear and Plaid, Chris proves time and again his ability to deftly sculpt a set to suit the vibe of each particular night. And with his long-running affiliation with the Abstract Science crew and associated 88.7 FM WLUW radio show, he’s sure to both surprise and elicit approving head-nods with his sets. Residents Emulsion and Liz Revision contribute DJ sets featuring melodic IDM, gorgeous-yet-clickly ambient, and blippy, increasingly-techno beats as the night progresses.

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