[9.19.09] Artificial Intelligence 4: Raver Rewind 2000


Get ready to re-live the heydey of electronic music in Chicago with Raver Rewind 2000 on Saturday September 19 at Ai Lounge. Four Chicago-based DJs who’ve experienced the scene firsthand back in the day will be playing records only from 1992-2000 for an authentic soundrack.  Contemporary instruments like laptops, digital DJ gear, Monomes / APC, Lemurs are specifically prohibited as well.

What’s not prohibited is getting into the “raver spirit” by dressing the part–phat pants, bright colors, ravey t-shirts, and bringing some PLUR and good vibes. For some of us who were there in the scene, it will be a night heavy on nostalgia, and will bring back the joy of hearing classic tracks that we remember fondly. For the newer recruits into the contemporary electronic music scene, it will be educational to hear the tracks, trends and products of available technology that influenced the kind of music being made today.

SPECIAL GUEST: Cesario Magnifique (Italso / electro / disco)

DOWNLOAD Cesario Magnifique’s 1-hour mix: “Warp (Rave Mix)”

Popkan (Textone, subVariant) will focus heavily on old school house;   Gianna Hardt (Forte Productions, ForTheMammas), a promoter uniquely familiar with of underground parties idolized and was influenced by DJs like Larry Heard, Farley Jackmaster Funk, and Julian Jumpin Perez. Tim Kasper (House of Godz) will bring his collection of vintage techno to throw down. Liz Revision (subVariant) hosts. Arrive early to nosh on Ai Restaurant’s AMAZING Japanese food & killer sushi. Valet is available for $10 all night. 358 W. Ontario, Chicago, 10pm-2am. 21+

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