An Evening with Wolf + Lamb


Over the last four years there has been no single hotter underground party in New York City than The Marcy Hotel hosted by Wolf and Lamb. The duo, comprised of entrepreneurs and multi-talents Zev

Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi, have played host in their secret Brooklyn location to internationally renowned techno talent such as Dan Bell, Oliver Hacke, Zip, Sammy Dee and Derek Plaslaiko developing a reputation as the heart of NYC electronic music community, even catching the attention of the New York Times.


Building on their party experiences and deep industry connections, Eisenberg and Mizrahi have kept focused on the future, eventually concentrating less on event production and growing their oeuvre to include making music and releasing music on their WolfLambMusic MP3 label, that this year was expanded to produce hard copy releases. Their first release, the Sexy Dancer EP by Detroit native Lee Curtiss hits record shops this fall.


In celebration of this accomplishment, the duo are venturing to Chicago on Friday, October 24th, for an extremely rare performance outside of the five boroughs. The show, organized by another talented duo in Liz Knight and Andrew Lochhead under their Ramp Chicago banner, will be hosted at Debonair Social Club as part of Ramp’s ongoing monthly series of events at the Wicker Park hot spot. Featuring an opening slot by Knight, as Liz Revision, the night will be billed as an “Evening with Wolf + Lamb” and will feature a four hour live and DJ performance by Eisemann and Mizrahi. In keeping with the special nature of the event Debonair will also offer a special admission option to registered guests featuring a three hour open bar at $25 a person from 9pm till 12am.


To register for this promotion Ramp asks you to please RSVP at by emailing and reminds you to be sure to leave your first and last name so you can be added to the list at the door. The first 25 people on the list are guaranteed a gift bag at the event.


The event will also be a goodbye party for Chicago party mainstay and Ramp Chicago artistic coordinator Andrew Lochhead so come party it up one last time.   Ramp Chicago is proud to present an evening with Wolf+Lamb featuring an opening set by Liz Revision followed by a four-hour DJ set by the legendary Brooklyn-based electronic scenesters in the basement of Debonair Social Club at 1575 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago Illinois on Friday , October 24, 2008. Reserve your tickets that include an open bar from 9pm-12am for $25 by emailing Regular tickets are $10 after 12am at the door but admission is not guaranteed.


The first 25 people who RSVP are guaranteed a gift bag with extra special goodies inside.



Wolf + Lamb: Wolf + Lamb was first introduced in 2001 as a DJ alias for Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi. At the time, they found it was next to impossible to find a venue in New York City with the right setting to present their music, with the exception of their occasional guest appearances at The Bunker at subTonic. After two years of limited success in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, they set out to build their own damn venue. In early 2005, the lease was signed and work began on the Marcy Hotel. They worked to turn the neglected, garbage-filled, former machine shop into a world-class electronic music venue, complete with homemade chandeliers, light fixtures, bar, and art installations. From the opening on May 7th, 2005 as the official afterhours party for the Mini-Mutek event at the Bunker, it was clear that they had finally created a space for the magic to take place.


Throughout 2005, they were lucky enough to host some of the brightest techno artists in the world. Patrons of the Marcy felt at home in the intimate venue, knowing they could count on being served quality, cutting edge music, cheap drinks, and a great vibe. The 2006 New Years Eve Party featuring Daniel Bell was the final event in the Marcy. The word of the parties had spread quickly and the crowds had outgrown the Marcy’s capacity. After moving to 12turn13 in early 2006, Wolf + Lamb were able to transfer their vision to a larger space and continue to offer the same environment and level of quality their guests had come to expect. As DJ’s, their events offered them an opportunity to play alongside and learn from the best techno DJs in the world.


Their performances at Burning Man in Nevada every year offered them another way to connect with a larger global audience. Wolf + Lamb Music: In late 2005, the Wolf + Lamb Music netlabel was created as an outlet for original Wolf + Lamb productions, as well as the music of some of the artists who had been influenced by their events. As early adopters of digital DJing, first using Final Scratch, then Ableton Live, they set out to make a label of distinction in what they saw as the soon to be as the dominant format. The first label of it’s kind, Wolf + Lamb Music was designed as a no-frills distribution medium that reflected their ideals: a simple, single release oriented, open source music label offering free source downloads for all releases. In early 2007, Wolf + Lamb began offering master quality tracks for sale on, allowing them to pay the artists, encouraging an even higher caliber of releases.


Gadi Mizrahi: Born and raised in Brooklyn, Gadi was always surrounded by music. His Egyptian born father played traditional middle-eastern drums, and his brother is a DJ. His intense passion for music left him with deep knowledge of many styles and genres, but with little commitment to any of them. In 2001, after a friend introduced him to techno, he found a willing accomplice in Zev and the two set out to make inroads into the genre. Gadi left the Lower East Side apparel store that he designed and co-owned to fully dedicate himself to music. Bringing his unique aesthetic and business accumen, Gadi helped define the the visual and musical identity of Wolf + Lamb. Beginning production in early 2005, Gadi has collaborated with several artists, and has released both solo and collaborative original works as Wolf + Lamb & Gadi Mizrahi. Currently, Gadi he has been focused on producing his own music and pushing the Wolf + Lamb Music label forward.


Zev Eisenberg: Raised Hasidic in Brooklyn, the limited offerings of Jewish music left Zev searching for a music that he could connect to. Introduced to electronic music at 14, his search continued through the late 1990’s. Quickly moving from one genre to the next, he never felt the connection that warranted the investment and contribution he felt he could bring. All that changed after meeting Gadi at a party in Williamsburg in 2001. At the time, Zev was finishing up with a software development company he had founded in the late 1990’s. The two quickly became friends and Gadi introduced Zev to minimal techno. As co-conspirators, they began plotting what would one day become Wolf + Lamb. Since finding his musical home, Zev has amassed a collection and musical repertoire that spans the gamut of minimal dance music. From his background in design and web, Zev still produces all the media for Wolf + Lamb, and oversees the technology. His first original co-productions were released on Wolf + Lamb Music in 2006, with more to come.

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