Randy Garcia

image Born in the seaside metropolis of Miami to a young Cuban-American family, Randy Garcia grew up to the rhythm of his culture and environment. complete with family sing-alongs, hours at his aunt’s piano, or long days in the sun with salsa and disco blaring through the open window of his family’s waterside home, Randy’s musical background was both diverse and timeless before he ever accepted any formal musical training.

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Born Sohail Azad, Kero is a multimedia artist out of Windsor.ca.


Matthew Mercer

Matthew Mercer lives in Chicago where he now works in a small design studio, in addition to producing music independently. He was classically trained on the organ and piano before transitioning to a Macintosh to create original music, most recently with an “anything goes” approach to sampling.

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imageAlong with running a jewelry design company, an online magazine, and a record label, she produces bright, melodic IDM of the best sort. Quantazelle takes a funky machine-noise groove, combines it with a pretty melody and adds a sprinkling of glitched-out textures. Think along the lines of early Autechre, Aphex Twin, with some fleeting minimal techno-moments

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Marshall Watson

Recently transplanted from Seattle to New York, Marshall Watson has released a full-length on the UK-based Highpoint Lowlife label, The Time Was Later Than He Expected. “Overall Watson creates a realm of powerful living and breathing synthesizers over the top of a crunchy base of electrical pulses, snaps, and clicks.” [artist site]