m50 is Max Jenkins, who would prefer that everyone call him MaxFifty and who would delete his real name from any published records if he had the chance. Fortunately since he doesn’t have the admin password for subvariant.com, we can hype him as we see fit and he’ll just have to get used to it.

Mr. Fifty has been DJ Emeritus of many subVariant events, including but not limited to Modsquare netlabel release parties at Sonotheque where he had to endure countless trainspotters bugging him for track and label names while he was DJing (sorry!). But it just goes to prove how his crate-digging and bleeding-edge sensibilities have earned him respect over the years, not to mention the way he’s skillfully DJed and produced a bunch of Chicago radio shows and methodically pieced together impeccable podcasts that show off both his skill as a DJ and immense–and sometimes quirky–knowlege of electronic music. Yeah, he might steer a sweaty dancefloor into chin-stroking intellectualism and invoke crowds around the decks as they try to read the labels spinning around at 33rpm (and more often than not they’re white labels–in your face!), but that’s why we put him first. 

He also makes tracks but he does so under such a secretive alias that we fear for our safety–or at least email-delivered trojans–should we deem to make that information public. Hell, publishing a photo with his real name is putting DOS attacks at the forefront, but we gotta admit, he’s a cool guy and a great DJ.

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