Moldover & Liz Revision

Moldover chicago performance with Liz Revision at Risque cafe


Check out this free performance of Moldover at Risque this Saturday!

Known to 400,000 YouTube viewers as “The Godfather of Controllerism”, MOLDOVER has become the inspiration for a new generation of musicians interested in moving “beyond the decks.” Feb 18th, Chicago’s Ableton user group will feature Moldover for a special edition user group session. Famous for building, hacking, and playing controllers with virtuosic skill, Moldover’s dynamic performances with his custom instruments are bringing new life into electronic music. Fusing hard rock with electronica, glitch edits, and frantic drum beats, Moldover’s signature style defies categorization. And with appearances on national television, coverage in major music publications, and countless live shows around the world, Moldover is in constant demand by people interested in this next evolution of music.

Moldover 9pm – 10pm ([SF] IDM / Glitch / Rock / Funk / OMG Controllerism Pioneer | Octamasher Inventor | Youtube Nerdstar)

Liz Revision 8pm – 9pm ([CHI] IDM / Glitch / Techno / LOL subVariant Recordings | Quantazelle | Fractalspin | CIEM)

Risqué. 3419 N. Clark (Sheffield & Clark, Wrigleyville, Chicago).

Hosted by Jona Neace 21+. Free. $2 Hamm’s Cans




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