[SUBV005] Exception ER


Wouldn?t it be cool if music could relieve your hangover?

Hangovers are the annoying, productivity-inhibiting result of a night spent drinking quite a bit, and yet we still put up with them because it’s fun to loosen up, be social, and dance. Sure, it’s easy to pop some aspirin, rehydrate and muddle through the morning, but wouldn’t it be cool if music could relieve your hangover? That’s the concept behind Exception AM and Exception ER (Extended Release), a free digital compilation from subVariant that aims to present an extended release of electronic music to help you feel better in the morning after a night of drinking. 

1. DEAMDAZE: “Lock of Yellow Hair”
2. PROSWELL: “SC_090608_220727”
3. AUTISTICI: “Slow Temperature”
4. DEREK MICHAEL: “Cinco de Mayo”
5. DON SOLO: “I’m Pure ER”
7. MACHWHAT: “A Shorter Excuse”

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Check out the first part of the free release series: Exception AM

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