[SUBV007] VA: Robohustlin

subVariant Robohustlin

subVariant’s latest free compilation, Robohustlin, is a curated collection of melodic IDM, ambient and glitch tracks from Chicago and beyond.

Chaircrusher’s “Crow Beat” and Milipede’s “30,000” take a somewhat dark, harder approach, while tracks like Diarmo’s “Details” and Matt Wolfe’s “4:09am” hover somewhere between hopefulness and melancholy, held together with intricate rhythmic programming. All thirteen tracks were chosen from an open call for songs in July-August of 2010, and represent the highest quality and most discernable sonic dedication that fit with the general theme that organically emerged over the course of weeding through all the submissions.

In keeping with subVariant’s tongue-in-cheek, music-as-consumer-product design aesthetic (see Subvaritrax, Exception AM), Robohustlin‘s digital cover lists the individual artists as separate “cures” in a packaging style based on the popular cough & cold medication, Robitussin.

1. Chaircrusher: “Crowbeat
2. Millipede: “30,000
3. Digital Gnosis: “Ruins
4. Redun: “Splt
5. Tapage & Stan Verberkt: “Modular
6. CitizenGreen: “Ob
7. Matt Wolfe: “4:09am
8. Michael Una: “Aleph
9. Elijah B Torn: “oooEight
10. JahWarrior:The Mad Piano
11. Codebase: “Duel
12. Diarmo: “Details
13. Glen Stefani: “Over it Already v2

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Kent Williams has been making his own Electronic Music at home since the
early 90s after a chance encounter at a garage sale with a Casio CZ-1.
 He put out two records on his own Cornwarning Label in 1999 and 2000.
His most recent release is “Off Prairie Du Chien” which comprises
remixes of Spoken Word/Glitch pieces by Derek Piotr.

Don Hill as Milipede lays down a kaleidoscope of beat-driven melancholy, marked by an
acute sense of memorable tunes which will persist long after each track
fades. a panoramic of digital glitch, pounding rhythms and bass lines
agglutinated by melodic ambiance. Add to this the occasional carefully
placed application of acoustic guitars, Fender Rhodes piano and electric
bass, a unique and captivating album that crosses boundaries is the result;
not isolated IDM, glitch, or dark ambient but a combination of elements.

Digital Gnosis is a
collaboration between Nick Liberatore (royb0t) and Nick Jones (Akashic
Grenade) that started in 2007.  Nick L chops the beats and Nick J
conjures the synths and strings to create electric enlightenment.  Digital Gnosis provided the DJ mix for a Nocturna MBH Mafia Fashion show at the Metro in Chicago and original Digital Gnosis music was included in that mix.

REDUN (Mt. Holly NJ USA)
Redun is the project
of 26-yr old south-Jersey native Ryan Dunlap. Producing mainly on
hardware since the age of 16, yet without neglecting the advantages of
computers, has given him an attention to detail on synth patches. The
result being melody-ridden movements over thick, crunchy percussion.

Tijs Ham akaTapage started out creating electronic beats and fusing guitar with synthetic sounds. It wasn’t long before Tapage started formulating his own style, experimenting with the vast possibilities of electronic sound manipulation. After a couple of years with various releases of experimental electronic music he decided to go back to school to study sound design. Here he teamed up with a fellow audio fanatic Stan Verberkt to collaborate on several assignments.


Michael Una is an
audio-visual artist living and working in Chicago.  Most of his time is
spent soldering things and staring at glowing rectangles.  He runs a
company called Unatronics that designs and sells handmade electronics
musical instruments.  His work has been featured in Make Magazine,
Computer Music Magazine, and Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

B Torn is a sonic-vigilante, boombastic bass-blipping, live-looping,
hand-wired light show-providing and an electronic sonic assault. Born
with looping device in-hand, Torn has been creating electronic music for
well over fifteen years. He uses Ableton Live to bring an unquantized
approach to live electronic performance while adding some much needed
grit to the sometimes sterile electronic music world. He plays electric
bass and guitar, which are used as the centerpieces for creating fresh
textures & sounds. However no sound is safe. From cassette tapes to
field recordings, Torn uses them all to create his signature electronic
sound including two solo cds and an EP. He has made sample cd’s of loops as well as featured artist sample packs for Puremagnetik.

JAHWARRIOR (Jacksonville IL USA)
Andrew Turner, founder of DeepLife Records, has released music on N*Soul
Records (LA), PWM Records (Australia), Giant Squid (SD), and has
remixed and produced tracks for his own DeepLife Records since 2003.  
His new project under the alias JahWarrior is
inspired by the artists from the Blood and Fire label from the early
70’s, who used innovative methods of producing using the mixing desk
such as feedback loops, and creative manual automation on the sends. 
Andy is also highly influenced by the likes of the Orb and Autechre.  He
has spun at festivals such as LifeLight Festival, Cornerstone Festival,
had a brief residency at Brazil in NOLA, and Pompeii in Phoenix, and
promoted house parties and club events in the midwest when he was a
young’in.  Currently he is using Max for Live, Native Instruments Reaktor, and Open Sound Control with multitouch interfaces like the iPad and Monome. 

Codebase is Seattle producer
Tom Butcher, whose debut album Style Encoding landed him international
acclaim.  Butcher’s sophomore album Stuck in Time further cemented his
genre-defying work in a place where retro analog synthesizers and drum
machines meet pop sensibility in a deliciously-blended sonic cocktail.
 A variety of labels have released Butcher’s work, including Force Inc.
Music Works, Swayzak/240 Volts, Global Underground, and Disco Couture.

DIARMO (London UK)
Diarmo has been producing electronic music
since around 1999. In 2005 he stared up a collective of electronic audio
and visual artists, form around
Europe (Departures247), that work in many electronic music genres.
Diarmo produces sound
pieces filled with glitches, broad soundscapes, layered synths, mostly
washed over deep bass grooves and almost constant beats, forms this
unique sound.