[SUBV008] VA: Frequencity


Frequencity is a curated compilation featuring quality cross-genre electronic music tracks from Chicagoland musicians. Earlier this year subVariant released a public call for electronic music from area musicians, and in response, a dozen tracks were chosen that represented high quality perspectives on the medium from a talented group of people.

As a sample, Ukrainian Village-based Beanbake opens up the compilation with a grandiose, uplifting track that makes you feel as though you were biking along Lake Shore Drive with a gentle breeze at your back and no joggers to evade. Ella Laurence from the far Northwest side made her classic acid track, “aaaAAH” with the help of her dad, Eric. “Big deal,” you say, right? Oh, did I mention that Ella was 9 months old at the time? Drasla takes Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and twists it into a deeply textured, evocative, IDM-tinged spin on classical from his Chicago base. Elock ends the compilation on a bleepy, squelchy, modulated lo-fi high note with his over the top chiptune party jam, “Ari On Acid.” All this amazingness is delivered to worldwide ears from a select group of people who call Chicago their home.

TRACKLIST (Tracks can be individually downloaded in the music player above)
01. Beanbake: “A Bicycle In Your Mind” [Melodic Electronica]
02. Belmont and Clark: “Dark Compression” [Analogue Electro]
03. Ella Laurence: “aaaAH” [Acid]
04. [esc]APE: “Square Fingers” [Dark Electro]
05. Polyfuse: “Blood on the Urinal” [Electro Industrial]
06. Foe Paw: “Dos Otros” [Prog Rock]
07. XYZR_KX: “Home” [Folk IDM]
08. Mike Gonsior: “Reflections” [Downtempo Electronica]
09. Quantazelle: “Polychromatic Tomatoes” [Melodic Electronica]
10. Lokua: “Hue” [Minimal Techno]
11. Drasla: “Moonlight Somnambula” [Neo-Classical IDM]
12. Elock: “Ari on Acid” [Chiptune]


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